Courses Taken

I knew I had some knowledge gaps to fill between my bioengineering curriculum and the software engineering career I wanted, so I had to come up with a plan. Through various sources including reddit, github, blogs and my friends already in the field, I developed a learning curriculum for myself. This has not only kept me focused and motivated, but it has given myself a measure of how far I have gone. It may seem unnecessary to put it here as it is far from a proper college curriculum, but it is something I am proud to have completed and I feel it at least shows my method of thought as I went about my self-taught route. It also serves to prove I have aimed to come into the job with a full working knowledge of CS concepts.

Course Self-reported Grade Proof of Completion
Core CS Courses
MIT 0600 Introduction to Programming B Self-Graded Tests
MIT 6006 Introduction to Algorithms B Algorithms Practice | Self-Graded Test
IBM Data Science Professional Passed Final Report | Certificate
CMU 15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems Passed Passed
Additional Coursework
Essential Web Developer Fullstack Course Passed Certificate
Complete C# Unity Developer Passed Passed
M001 MongoDB Basics Passed Certificate
M220 - MongoDB for Python Developers Passed Certificate
Professional Certifications (that I thought were relevant)
Fundamental Networking Skills for Biomeds (TRIMEDX) Passed Certificate
Phillips PIIC iX Server Training Passed Certificate
Other Nonrelevant Biomed Certifications --- ---