About our Company

  It all started with a girl and her sewing machine. Mara Mooney always loved to craft, whether it be making wall decor, painting signs, or just putting beads on a string, Mara grew up loving to make things. She excelled in home economics in high school, and it was not soon after before she got her first sewing machine. After then, it was history. Whether it was for herself, her friends, or her beloved dogs, she would make an outfit for anyone that asked.

  Once people started offering to pay her for her services, she knew that her skills had hit a new level. She began to expand her techniques to include hoodies, pockets, dog shirts, buttons, and new and varied types of hems. Before long, she had a nice variety of products she could whip out with ease. She picked her favorite ones, and here we are! With new designs coming out all the time, we hope you are as excited as we are for the premiere of her first site, Lunar Lovelies!